I’ve always had a love of the arts. Like most kids growing up in the 80’s, I didn’t have of technology to keep me busy and entertained. So, my sisters, friends and I made use of our creativity and made our own fun. Whether it was singing and dancing to our favorite radio stations, playing dress-up, sports or board games, we always took advantage of the seasonal Cleveland area weather.

My love of acting and modeling started at an early age by mimicking the actors on tv and models in the magazines. During class, I took advantage of some of the opportunities to participate in skits, plays and choral concerts. I always had so much fun on stage performing for people. Even in college, I continued to spend some extra-curricular time in the arts including taking a theater class, performing in skits and helping a friend by singing in a group that she was conducting for one of her courses.

Most recently, my passion for acting and modeling has taken a turn from amateur to professional. I’ve had the pleasure of spending a week in NYC attending a conference hosted by IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) where I was surrounded by many talented people in the industry. This included people wanting representation as well as people looking for actors and models to represent. I had so much fun and learned a great deal.

I’ve now been able to take my previous experiences and continue to build upon them and grow as an artist. I’ve been blessed with a skill set that I hope to continue to use and perfect. I look forward to working with many talented people in the near future.